The Ministry of Justice launches a real estate brokerage system

Doha: The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched a real estate brokerage system with the aim of providing a self-service portal for real estate brokers.

The new system serves as a direct communication channel with them, helping to provide them with real estate brokerage services electronically without having to contact the administration.

The ministry explained that the real estate brokerage system is based on two portals. The first is the external audience for real estate agents containing self-services through which services can be obtained electronically, and they can also automatically apply to the department after registering in the system.

The second specializes in providing electronic services to managerial staff specializing in administrative, technical and logistical procedures, from the receipt of applications to their sorting and validation, or their return to the applicant in the event of a lack of attachments. .

Deputy Undersecretary for Real Estate Registration and Authentication Affairs at the MoJ Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi said the launch of this program represents a qualitative shift in the provision of services to the real estate sector electronically in general, including the real estate brokerage profession, and to facilitate client access to exemplary services that comply with the latest regulations in force in this sector.

He added that a comprehensive digital transformation plan has been developed and is being implemented in coordination with the Information Systems Department of the Ministry of Justice aimed at developing and updating all registration services and real estate documentation.

The director of the department of information systems in the ministry, Hissa Ali Al Sulaiti, said that this system came to meet the needs of the real estate brokerage department and update the service systems of the ministry, and provide the latest electronic services to the public. In addition to reducing the time and effort consumed by the examiner to terminate their transactions, especially those related to legal professionals.

A comprehensive review of all services provided to lawyers, mediators and experts, which help facilitate their work, as well as provide the legal support required for the judiciary and other actors and beneficiaries of the legal services provided by the Ministry of Justice, she confirmed.