Special Report: Secrets of High-Growth Real Estate Brokerage Firms

During the study period, according to National Association of Realtors The data:

  • The number of real estate agents increased by 49%
  • Number of closed deals increased by 41.1%
  • The total closed volume of home sales increased by 119.9%
  • Average productivity was essentially stable
  • Total gross commission revenue increased by 101.5% (Source: RealTrends commission data analysis)

We used this data to compare the success of brokerage firms.

Some surprising discoveries

  • Only 390 brokerages (53.3%) increased their total number of closed deals more than the total number of existing home sales deals increased over the past 10 years.
  • Only 334 brokerage firms (45.5%) grew their number of agents as quickly as the growth in Realtors® over the same period.
  • 197 brokerage firms (27%) more than doubled the number of agents over the 10-year period.
  • 216 brokerage firms (29.5%) more than doubled the total number of transactions concluded during the same period.

Which companies are ranked in the top 50?

To avoid duplication, we considered companies that appeared on more than one of the top 50 ranked company lists – agent growth, deal sides, sales volume, and agent productivity – and found with 107 companies.

There were branches of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Better homes and gardens Immovable, 21ST CENTURY, Banker Coldwell, TIME, Keller Williams, RE/MAX and Sotheby’s.

There were also many independent brokerage firms.

Keller Williams had the most qualified people, with 50 companies, followed by RE/MAX with 18, Sotheby’s with 9 and independents with 8.


Brokerages from 30 different states have been ranked in at least one of the top 50 lists. The state with the highest ranked companies was Texas, with 13 different brokerages among the 107 that made it to at least one of the lists.

There were only two companies that made it to the four lists – Keller Williams GO Network and RE/MAX Integrity/North-West. There were 27 that featured in three of the ranking categories.

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What makes these companies unique?

First, all types of business models and brokerage firm brands were among the top performing brokerage firms. In fact, brand and business model do not explain the difference in performance of the top 50 companies compared to the bottom 681.

Second, there are large companies (>500 agents), medium-sized companies (200-500 agents), and smaller companies (

RealTrends interviewed some of the brokerage leaders on the top 10-year productivity lists to find out some of the steps they’ve taken to achieve success over such a long time.

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