Real estate brokerage Rsquare opens database in Singapore

A screenshot of Rsquare’s Singapore property listings database [RSQUARE]

Real estate brokerage Rsquare has completed compiling an online property listing database for Singapore, kicking off operations in the country.

The company, which operates a brokerage service of the same name Rsquare, said on Thursday it had collected information on more than 65,000 commercial property listings in Singapore. Buildings such as office buildings, hotels, logistics centers and industrial sites are included.

Information regarding the location of the buildings, the size of the land, the date of completion of construction, the owner and whether it is for rent can be found through the service.

Rsquare plans to offer more real estate-related services in Singapore.

Rsquare set up a subsidiary in Vietnam last year, which also offers property listing information. He works with corporate clients, providing advice to companies wishing to lease buildings and other locations in the country.

“Singapore serves as a hub for Asian businesses from many international companies,” an Rsquare spokesperson said. “Starting with Vietnam and Singapore, we plan to offer services in Indonesia and Malaysia and strengthen our position as a provider of commercial real estate solutions.”