Leadership that propels your real estate brokerage to success

What may have worked for you and your brokerage in the past has likely changed forever over the past two years as we have seen record market numbers and increased complexity in brokerage operations.

What lessons have you learned? Has your brokerage been growing in success across the board, or is its growth being held back by the many shifting factors of our “new reality”? What else can we do as leaders to propel the success of the brokerage while keeping everyone motivated and performing? Now is a good time to ask yourself these questions and assess your leadership strength at all levels.

A solid foundation

As a brokerage leader, you are challenged with managing many aspects of your organization. With frequently moving parts, it’s easy to get carried away with quick, short-term fixes to longevity issues. But when that foundation begins to crack and you continually fall into reactionary mode, you are faced with the task of creating a more lasting solution that will prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

What hasn’t worked for you in your brokerage over the past six to nine months? What problems have cropped up over and over again and are “cheating” your time? Start by reflecting on the processes that no longer serve you and focus on rebuilding a solid foundation that will support the lasting success you seek.

A clear vision

A strong brokerage needs a vision that clearly defines the overall purpose or direction of the business. As a leader, every decision you make over time, no matter how small, will have an impact and move your brokerage needle towards or away from this vision. Is your vision clear and easily defined? If you are unsure of your vision, how can you effectively communicate expectations and a common goal to your agents and employees? Clarifying your vision is the foundation for growing your brokerage and allows agents and staff to have a defined direction that aligns with all aspects of the brokerage. Ultimately, you’ll have built a solid foundation that puts vision at the forefront of all decision-making, which in turn creates consistency along the way.

An empathetic leadership style

With continuous changes in the market and regulations among a multitude of other factors, the needs and relationships of your agents and support staff are also constantly changing. Coming from a place of empathy and letting agents and staff know that they can count on you as a leader is essential to the well-being of your brokerage.

By providing support and solutions not only to agents, but also to your staff members who tirelessly support agents in a rapidly changing market, you build trust, credibility and ultimately solve rates. expensive rotation. Considering their needs, time, and resources will help bridge the gap and make your overall operations run more smoothly.

Now, perhaps more than ever, leadership is important and looking closely at ways to fine-tune your brokerage operations can yield tremendous results. And by reflecting on past mistakes or triumphs, leading with empathy and understanding, and articulating a clear vision based on a solid foundation, you will reach new heights in your success as a brokerage leader.

Marion Weiler is Brokerage Growth Strategist and CEO of Weiler International LLC

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