To make owning and renting second homes more accessible, Juniper Holiday + House, an owner and operator of high-end short-term vacation rental properties, has launched a new division of its business offering full-service property management services. Having started as a premium short-term vacation rental operator of their own fleet of vacation properties, Juniper Holiday + Home has now expanded to offer its expertise to other vacation property owners. Currently offering services in the Southwest Michigan area, Juniper Holiday + Home offers owners full-service management services dedicated to producing a truly elevated guest experience.

“Our team excels at providing memorable vacation getaways for travelers, and we’re thrilled to be able to extend our services to other homeowners, providing an easy way to manage their own vacation property,” said Juniper CEO Holiday + Home Curtis McDonald. “At Juniper, we combine free, award-winning interior design, industry-leading income-generating home renovations, cutting-edge strategies and exclusive premium marketing to maximize rental income, with zero effort on the part of the owner. With us, our owners can enjoy their vacation homes themselves in addition to profiting from rentals.

In addition to providing superior management services, Juniper Holiday + Home aims to provide the best possible travel accommodations. When working with a new property, Juniper offers its award-winning design services and a “furnishings and fixtures upgrade” plan to elevate the home inside and out, dramatically increasing the potential for income from a vacation home. Caring for each vacation rental as if it were Juniper’s own home, the Juniper team also invests in marketing each property, conscientiously vetting all guests and carefully managing each booking.

Juniper Holiday + Home’s all-inclusive property management services relieve vacation rental owners of day-to-day responsibilities, while delivering a superior return on investment. The team is available 24/7 to help customers with questions, issues or assistance. Juniper employs a team of in-house housekeeping staff, yard maintenance staff and property managers for each vacation rental to ensure each property is managed with care and precision. While landlords can stay away from the intricacies of every rental visit, Juniper provides a digital revenue dashboard, booking notifications, landlord app, and more.

Catering to both leisure and business travelers, Juniper properties are all impeccably finished and equipped with high-end appliances and state-of-the-art amenities. From a lakeside home with a heated in-ground pool and hot tub, to a home nestled in nature with a wraparound deck and gas fireplace, each property features elegantly furnished interiors, custom-designed bedrooms, and luxurious touches. All properties are available for reservations directly through the Juniper, Airbnb or VRBO website.

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