Head of rental management group says concerns over evictions are overblown

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — As the CDC announced a new nationwide eviction moratorium on Tuesday, the CEO of the Virginia Apartment Management Association said he doesn’t expect a measurable increase in evictions after the initial ban was lifted over the weekend.

“I absolutely think the worry is overblown,” Patrick McCloud said in an interview Tuesday morning.

The United States was several days past the end of the previous eviction moratorium when the CDC announced that the new eviction moratorium would last until October 3.

Prior to the new eviction ban, McCloud said across the Virginia Rental Assistance Program, the money was there to help people who avoided deportation if they are eligible. This money will be there for months to come. McCloud also said the rent relief program works better in Virginia than in most states.

“We anticipate even at the current stage [usage] funding rate, it will still be there until 2022,” he said.

His organization represents clients who manage a quarter of a million rental units. McCloud said contrary to what you might think, many landlords aren’t quick to evict.

“Nobody wants to deport anyone. This is an absolute last resort. So if there is a way to help our residents find the money they need to meet their rental obligations, we will,” he said.

Because the process takes time and can likely cost around six months’ rent on average, McCloud expected landlords to be reluctant to start evictions. He said it would be a better deal for landlords to take advantage of the RRP, which receives applications from tenants and landlords.

“It will pay up to 15 months rent, so there is always the possibility of being cured, assuming the person qualifies,” he said.

The RRP began last November and since then any notice of late rent payment had to include information about the program.

“Not being aware of the RRP at this point and not doing your part is like not being aware of the COVID vaccine,” McCloud said.

Click here for more information on the Virginia Rent Relief Program.

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